Mash Filters for craft and industrial breweries



Main advantages of mash filters:

•  fine grinding of grist (up to 50% of flour) provides faster and more efficient extraction, as a result - 5-14% reduction of extract loss

•  outstanding performance due to short filtration cycle (90-110 min) enables to make 4 brews per shift (10 hrs) 

•  possible to use any kind of malt, grain and cereal,  thus to reduces the cost of grist up to 2 times

•  ability to brew a wide variety of beers


•  up to 30% of water saving, less steam required:
      - mash hydro modulus up to 2,25:1 is possible
      - less water consumption for sparging
      - residual spent grains moisture is approx. 65%

•  high original gravity of wort enables to brew a wide variety of special beer, including high gravity beer

•  high-repeatability of wort quality:
     - high purity of wort (turbidity approx. 5 ml\l), the amount of trub is in 2 times less
     - really closed system ensures a minimum oxidation of mash and wort
     - fine grinding of malt does not change the taste of beer


 •  effective filtration of potions and roths of plant raw materials makes possible the production
    of exclusive natural non-alcoholic beverages at craft breweries

•  manual and semi-automatic modes, full automation - on demand  

Generaly mash filters provide a wort cost reduction by 20-35% 

in comparison with the classical method

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Wide range of modern mash filters for breweries of  5hl and more

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